Ways to Make Moolah in 120 Minutes

How to supplement your income using just a couple of hours a day

When times are tough, every cent counts. Lying on the couch watching TV may be relaxing, but it’s not doing anything to fatten up your wallet.

If you’re feeling stressed about the state of your bank account, you’re probably in the doldrums and stuck for ideas. But, as always, we’re here to help get you inspired and geared up. So: get off that couch, grab paper and a pen, and let’s get thinking.

Here are some pointers when deciding how best you can earn money from home in just 2 hours per day:

  • Draw on your experience and inborn talents
  • If you have any hobbies that you love, turn them into cash-generators
  • Plan your time well
  • Use your assets (time to rescue that dusty old sewing machine from the garage)
  • Look for opportunities and grab them
  • Delegate

While you’re giving it some thought, read through our 5 ideas of ways to earn money in 2 hours per day.

1.)  Make Fabulous Kitchen Curtains

We don’t know about you, but we always struggle to find kitchen curtains that aren’t classifiable as eyesores. As far as we’re concerned, this is definitely a niche in the market worth exploring.

For those who know how to sew and have the appropriate paraphernalia, this is an easy way to make money from home in daily 2 hour slots. So visit your favourite fabric warehouse, fill up your trolley with well-priced rolls of material, curtain hooks and trimmings such as leather strips, diamante decals and funky ribbons.

Then get started on your curtain collection. Once a few friends have seen them, word will spread like wildfire and your creations will be in high demand.

2.)  Hold She-Man Classes

The high divorce rate coupled with an increasing number of career women who choose to remain single , has resulted in a lot of man-free homes. While this may have its benefits (more cupboard space for one), it can sometimes result in disaster when something goes wrong.

If you’re a guy with good people skills and know your way around a tool box, run a series of 2-hour classes in the evening, teaching single women how to handle household hassles.

You could touch on the following:

  • How to set up the satellite decoder
  • How to hang pictures properly
  • How to hang blinds
  • How to respond to a water leak
  • How to identify an electrical fault
  • How to respond when switches trip on the distribution board
  • How to change plugs
  • How to use a drill
  • How to braai
  • How to put up a tent
  • How to make a fire
  • How to change a tyre
  • How to check for basic car problems

3.)  Create Perfect Party Packs

No matter how tough times are, kids’ birthdays will never take a back seat. In fact, the kids’ party industry is booming, with more parents spending more money on their little monkeys’ special day than ever before.

A profitable and easy way to make those two spare hours a day work for you, is to create fantastic kids’ party packs that can either be handed out at school during the ‘birthday ring’ or at the party itself. Buy all your boxes, buckets or packets, as well as your sweets, snacks, trinkets and ribbons at factory shops, then get to work for a couple of hours a day.

If you become well-known for putting together creative, personalised, quality party packs that are priced right, you’ll never run out of customers.

4.)  Create Gourmet Corporate Platters

Companies all around the country have regular board meetings, during or after which finger food is served.  If cooking is your thing, consider capitalising on the opportunity to create and deliver top-notch corporate platters for these meetings.

Work out what you’re going to offer and what kind of money you could make, taking into account petrol, ingredients, electricity and your time. When putting together your menu, keep snacks fresh, seasonal and creative yet simple enough to make within a two-hour period.

Then all that’s left is to think up a classy name for your office catering business, and have some good-quality business cards printed. When you meet with the top dog’s personal assistant, give her your card and price list, along with a few delectable delights for her boss to sample. If they like what they see (and taste), soon enough you’ll have a weekly standing order.

5.) Teach Teenaged Girls How to Make the Most of their Looks

Since forever ago, teenaged girls have been obsessed with how they look. Low self-esteem is a huge problem in this age group, and what these girls really need is someone to help them bring out the best in themselves by showing them how to emphasize their best qualities. You can take groups of 6-8 girls for 2-hour sessions. After a few classes, you’ll have them brimming with confidence.

Focus on the following:

  • Good skincare routines
  • Subtle makeup application to suit their skin tone
  • Hair care and styling
  • Clothing choices for their body type
  • The benefits of exercise and good nutrition
  • Posture, poise and etiquette