Your computer has a Downloads Folder, where all the files you download from the internet are stored. While some tidy folk download their files straight into neatly labelled folders, or move these files to an appropriate location straight away, others simply let downloads pile up in the Downloads Folder. Time to get organised!

To clear your Downloads Folder manually:

1. Go to My Documents

How to clear your downloads folder

2. Go to Downloads > Click to open

How to clear your dowloads folder

3. Highlight the items you wish to delete > to do this, hold CTRL and click on each item, until they are all highlighted

How to clear your downloads folder

4. Click Delete

How to clear your downloads folder

To clear your Downloads folder automatically

There are various applications which can help you organise your Downloads folder by clearing it automatically. Some of these are free, and some are paid-for; all have to be downloaded from the internet. A good one to try is the Belvedere application from Lifehacker.