10.1 Human Resources

Jayden Olivier and his spouse will form the core of the business, as both have applicable training and skills (refer to points 1 3). During the start-up phase, staffing levels (particularly permanent staff) will be kept to a minimum.


The following staff complement is required:

Owner/manager One (permanent)
Coffee shop manager/chef One (permanent) (spouse)
Waitron One (permanent)
Waitron/cleaner One (casual)
Counter assistant One (casual)


Monthly wages/salaries are as follows:

Owner & spouse (joint salary) R30 000 (reduced drawings for year one)
Waitron (permanent) R  1 800 + tips
Waitron (casual) R     800 + tips
Counter assistant (casual) R  2 000
Total wages & salaries R34 600 (per month)


10.2 Management

Owner and spouse will act as the management team. See 3.1 for personal profiles.


10.3 Professional Consultants


Knight & Day, 8A Park Close, New Redruth, Alberton


Van Niekerk & Modise, Harbourdale Centre, Kabega, Port Elizabeth


Steale & Sons, Suite 6, Senderwood Estate, Bedfordview


FNB Alberton South, 21 Dekema Road, Alberton



A comprehensive package of insurance cover has been arranged through Steale & Sons.


12.1 Business Goals 

Short-term (first 6 months):

Establish the business and begin promoting its services. Start with the process of forging business-to-business relationships and creating cross-promotional opportunities. The initial focus will be on the internet café, as this is the unique selling proposition (USP) of the business.


Medium-term (6-24 months):

Improve the presence and offering. Place more emphasis on development and growth of the ‘value added’ aspects (coffee shop/snack bar and computer repair services).


Long-term goals (2-5 years):

Consider splitting into three separate, but complementary, businesses: Big Surf Internet Café!; Big Surf Computing; Big Surf Coffee Shop (or full-service restaurant). Ideally, these would be adjacent to each other, either as part of a shopping centre/shopping precinct, or as a stand-alone destination (such as a large converted house).


12.2 Exit Strategy

The owner sees this as an evolving long-term project and intends to remain hands-on and in day-to-day control for the next 10-15 years. Options at that time for an exit strategy may include the sale of all, or some, business units.