Small businesses or companies on a tight budget cannot afford to pour money into huge advertising campaigns for television and radio, but they are still trying to win their share of the market with methods that do not demand a bulging bank account and monthly six-figure transfers. The suggestions below can fit a variety of business models which are looking to use cost-effective methods to market their products and services.

1. Be Enthusiastic About Your Business
Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing, and it costs absolutely nothing. Speak passionately about your business and be enthusiastic about the work you do so that people will trust your ability to provide what they are looking for.

2. Hang A Banner
Want to have your business seen but worried that an advertising board will cost too much. Have a banner made and hang it up close to your company or on a property that will allow you to advertise for a small cost.

3. Circulate An Interesting Newsletter
Keep your customers informed and interested while gaining new customers with a newsletter circulated weekly or monthly to a number of people on a mailing list, which can be used to give news, product info, upcoming events and special prices.

4. Use Car Signage
It doesn’t cost too much to get your company’s logo printed on your vehicle to create a moving advert wherever you go. Customers will be impressed to see your company inspired car, while potential clients will be made aware of your business whenever they see your vehicle.

5. Be Part Of An Expo
Look out for the opportunity to present your business to potential customers at events that bring a number of similar companies together, such as expos and trade shows. These events provide the perfect marketing opportunity for very little cost. It is a cheap way to be exposed to a number of people looking for your specific service/product over the period of a weekend or a few days.

6. Build A LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn is a social networking site for businesses and professionals, with individuals working in similar industries connecting by being introduced to each other through common contacts. The site creates much opportunity through potential business partners, suppliers and even customers, making LinkedIn a useful marketing tool.

7. Get A Facebook Presence
Everyone is on Facebook nowadays and businesses are benefitting from having a presence on the world’s most popular social networking site. Getting people to ‘Like’ your company profile on the website will provide you with an instant database of fans and potential customers which you can easily communication with in various ways thanks to Facebook tools.

8. Tweet Your Way To Success
Twitter is another fast growing social network site which businesses are using as a low-cost form of marketing to engage people regarding their products/services, events, specials, competitions and news. Followers receive tweets from your business profile and you have direct access to their news feeds if they follow you.

9. Use Special Occasions To Your Advantage
If Christmas, Valentines or Easter can be used to market your business, then go for it. Holidays and special occasions give companies an excuse to interact with customers and potential clients to offer special prices or wish those loyal to them all of the best. This equates to a friendly reminder that they are there if you want their product/service.

10. Set Up A Basic Website
Setting up a basic website should not set you back too much and it is an essential marketing tool and this web driven age. Businesses that are worth their salt will want to have a website, and a basic two or three page site with a contact, about and product page will do nicely as a start up to get customers interested and show them what to do to get into contact with you.