Starting a business is a long, hard slog that’s not for the faint-hearted – long hours, unpredictable paycheques and an uncertain business environment. Why then, would anyone do it? Here are the top five reasons to start your own business

  • Create a job for you – These days, big business can’t give you job security. Heck, not even the civil service can deliver the security that was once considered the norm for those in the public sector. Now, a job-for-life with a single organisation is merely a trade unionist fantasy and a faint memory of those retirees who began their working careers in the 1950s and 1960s. So, rather than entrusting their financial futures to some faceless, heartless human resources department, people are venturing out to start a business of their own; intent on creating a ‘job’ that will be theirs to leave at a time of their own choosing.
  • Make your own luck – In the corporate world, you’re a small cog in a big and unpredictable machine, where promotion and career advancement can be very much a matter of luck. Does your boss like you; do you happen to be in a department that’s in or out of favour with senior management; are your colleagues time-serving deadbeats who’re dragging you down too?  Irrespective of how good you are at your job, and how conscientious you may be, in the corporate world moving up the ladder, or getting that dream posting, can simply be down to chance. Starting your own business means you have the power to create your own luck. The harder and smarter you work, the ‘luckier’ you’re likely to be.
  • Create your own environment – Maybe you’re a marathon runner who likes to hit the long road early in the morning and start work a bit later? No problem. Perhaps you like to slip off on a Wednesday afternoon to watch little Mary play netball? Can be done. Or possibly, like many of us, you have a horror of memos and pointless Friday afternoon sales meetings? That’s fine – ban them from your premises! If you start a business, you’re the boss and you have the opportunity to create your own working environment; one that suits your own lifestyle and that of your family.
  • Up your income – The old adage that ‘you’ll never get rich working for a boss’ is true in most cases. Even the most generous of companies won’t pay you really big money, unless you happen to be one of the select few in the top echelons of management. Granted, a great many entrepreneurs and small businesspeople also don’t generate massive incomes – but you do have much greater potential to be rewarded for your performance, effort and ideas than if you’re stuck in a corporate or public service world of glass ceilings and inflexible paygrades. And if you can create a business model that lets you ‘earn while you sleep’, so much the better.
  • Leave a legacy for your children – In the corporate world, your legacy typically lasts as long as it takes to clear up after your retirement or farewell party. Wouldn’t you like to start a business that can create employment for your spouse and siblings too? Perhaps, later on, the kids can get involved as well, eventually taking over the business when you decide to either retire or shuffle off your mortal coil. A thriving business can create a legacy for your children, grandchildren and even generations beyond. Try doing that as a corporate slave.