Here at Business Owl, we like business ideas which take the schlep out of everyday chores – like grocery shopping, for example. We know we need to seek out groceries and household products which are eco-friendly, but we’re pressed enough for time already, without having to search supermarket shelves for green products. So hoorah for Blissmobox – they’re doing it all for us!

What is Blissmobox?

Blissmobox is an online subscription service for discovering exceptional organic and eco-friendly products. The Blissmobox team works to cut through the ‘greenwashing’ (brands pretending to be green, when they’re actually not very eco-friendly at all), finding products that are certified eco-friendly and organic and delivering them directly to your door.

How does Blissmobox work?

For a monthly subscription of $19, you can become a member of Blissmobox by registering on their website. Around the 15th of each month, Blissmobox members are sent a selection of featured boxes for that month. Each box is packed full of handpicked, quality products to the value of $19-40 dollars. Simply choose which one you’d like – or let them choose for you – and you’ll get your goodie box in a couple of days.

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Blissmobox Business Idea
Image courtesy of Blissmobox