Nannies have been around for centuries, but it looks like parental outsourcing is experiencing a boom. Research firm, IBIS World has forecast an uptick in parents outsourcing child-related duties, presenting entrepreneurs and small businesses with ample business opportunities.

What is Parental Outsourcing?

Described by New York Magazine as ‘the hands-free, do-nothing, price-is-no-object’ approach to parenting; parental outsourcing is the practice of paying other people to do traditional parental duties for you; anything from nappy changing and babysitting to fetching and carrying kids to and from school and other appointments, and even disciplining errant children, and watching their sports matches and school concerts.

Which Parental Duties can be Outsourced?

Parental Outsourcing is an industry worth $55.8 billion in the US alone. Typically parents outsource to service providers in the following categories:

  • Sports coaching
  • Educational consultants and tutors
  • Child care and day care centres
  • Nanny and babysitting services

Other growth areas include:

  • Behavioural specialists
  • Social skills and etiquette trainers
  • Kids party planners
  • Personal shoppers and stylists for children
  • Potty trainers.

Who’s Doing Parental Outsourcing?

How would these busy people fare without their parental outsourcing teams?

  • The British Royal Family – arguably the most famous parental outsourcers, The Firm cannot do without a team of governesses, nannies, ladies-in-waiting, butlers and chauffeurs, all of whom do duties ascribed to parents in a traditional nuclear family.
  • Brangelina – Hollywood’s hot power couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt couldn’t sustain their glamorous globetrotting lifestyle, or squeeze in a bit of charity work, without those anonymous nannies…
  • Julia Roberts – acknowledges that she couldn’t get by without the help of ‘a couple of amazing women’ who care for her three children.