According to eMarketer, seven out of ten internet users are online shoppers. Given these statistics, investing in an online shop is a must for those with goods to sell. Once, only big retailers could afford to develop online stores but that’s all changing, thanks to Goodsie, a business idea from HiiDef which is giving small businesses a shot at the big time…

What is Goodsie?

Goodsie is a platform which makes setting up an e-commerce storefront quick and easy. Perfect for small businesses, Goodsie offers beautiful layouts with point-and-click customisation – no coding required. They also offer features for creating Facebook storefronts and email marketing, so you can really get your brand out there, as well as those which facilitate online payment, like PayPal and Google Checkout.

How does Goodsie work?

To use Goodsie, you’ll need to purchase a subscription (subs range from $15-$40 per month). Then get constructing – select a storefront and customise colours, fonts and backgrounds and banners. Publish to a custom domain and you’re ready to trade.

This business idea offers a host of great features. Goodsie Facebook storefronts make it possible for customers to purchase your goods without ever having to leave Facebook. Mobile Optimisation means your store will look and function perfectly via smartphones. Then there’s the Flexible Coupon System which allows you to offer coupons to your customers, and the Embeds function which allows you to integrate your storefront into sites like Tumblr and your WordPress blog.

For more inspiration…

Check out these websites to create an online store:

Create an online store with Goodsie
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