Need to send a top-secret, anonymous message to someone that leaves no trace? This intriguing business idea by tech geek and entrepreneur Jacob Robbins gives you the chance to indulge your inner super-spy. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to send a Burn Note…

What is Burn Note?

Burn Note is a mobile-optimised website for sending messages which can be read once only by recipients. After being read, burn notes self destruct, never to be seen again.

How does Burn Note work?

Each burn note has a unique URL (link) which can be sent out to recipients via email or sms. The link takes the reader to a cover page where the message is briefly displayed, disappearing after the previously determined time frame expires. Once a recipient opens the message, the countdown to self-destruction begins and, says Burn Note, once a message has expired there’s no way to retrieve it – each note is deleted from the Burn Note servers and recovery is impossible. Screenshots and copying and pasting messages are also impossible. Extra encryption can be provided for with the use of password-protected messages.

Who uses Burn Note?

Wannabe secret agents and jilted lovers would find Burn Note hard to resist, surely? But seriously, Burn Note is useful for anyone wanting to send sensitive information like passwords, credit card or banking details. So, Burn Note is a business idea with some truly useful applications.

Burn Note Business Idea
Image courtesy of Burn Note