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Raising a Glass to the Recession

We do love a tipple; whether it’s to celebrate good times or commiserate hard times. So what better industry to be in than the alcohol industry – whether it’s boom or bust, it’s all good! What Alcohol is Selling? Even though people have less... Read More >

We Heart Furbabies

The 2010 US Census revealed an astonishing fact about American families – there are now more households with furbabies than children…43 million of them, actually. And with growing numbers of furbabies, comes a burgeoning pet industry. In fact,... Read More >

Moms for Hire?

Nannies have been around for centuries, but it looks like parental outsourcing is experiencing a boom. Research firm, IBIS World has forecast an uptick in parents outsourcing child-related duties, presenting entrepreneurs and small businesses with... Read More >


The Small Business Success Index (SBSI), compiled by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, estimates that there are approximately 6.6 million homepreneurs in the United States. While small home businesses are often... Read More >

Radical Adjacency

Said Greek poet, Archilochus: “The fox knows many things; the hedgehog knows one big thing.” Traditional business models dictate that companies should return to their core business during times of economic hardship, stress and turbulence. It’s... Read More >


Says Entrepreneur Magazine, boasting about how you raised millions of dollars in venture capital to finance your startup is so 1990s. Lose the champagne-and-caviar venture capitalists – these days, it’s way cooler to bootstrap your business.... Read More >

Buildings Gone Green

Once, only tie-dye-clad hippies opted for green homes. But, according to CNN Money, the eco-friendly house has gone mainstream. CNN cites a recent survey by The American Institute of Architects, in which 90% of people indicated that they’d be... Read More >

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