As entrepreneurs well know, starting a business can burn cash faster than initially anticipated, which is why we’re always watching our wallets. Renting office space can be considerably expensive; one of the reasons working from home is popular with new small business owners. But working at home can also be a lonely experience. If only there was an alternative! Well, there is – it’s a business idea called We Work Labs.

What is We Work Labs?

Described as a start-up incubator, We Work Labs offers freelancers and small business owners a cost-effective and creative office space in which to work. We Work Labs caters for the needs of designers, mobile and web developers, marketing and PR people, business developers and writers.

How Does We Work Labs Work?

For $250 per month, entrepreneurs can rent desks at We Work Labs premises in New York City or San Francisco. We Work Labs founders, Jesse Middleton, Adam Neumann, and Matt Shampine, believe that having smart and eager entrepreneurs working side by side will facilitate the exchange of ideas, as well as provide the support and camaraderie which is often lacking in an emerging entrepreneur’s life.

In addition to a roof over their heads, hot coffee and wifi, We Work Labs hosts demo days, happy hours and lunch-and-learns, where We Work Labs entrepreneurs can learn about various aspects of developing and running a business. And then there’s the We Work Labs health insurance, available for $360 a month.

We Work Labs currently hosts 200 entrepreneurs from over 100 companies.

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We Work Labs Business Idea
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