Direct selling opportunities have always been highly sought after by those wishing to make money part-time, or even work at home full time. Nearly all of us remember our mothers welcoming the Avon or Tupperware ladies into our childhood homes, to ply their wares with the direct selling party plan. Now, New York entrepreneur Chantal Waterbury is taking direct selling one step further with her Chloë and Isabel business idea

What is Chloë and Isabel?

Essentially, Chloë and Isabel is a direct seller of women’s fashion jewellery. The Chloë and Isabel of the brand name represent the two faces of fashion – Chloë is fashion-forward and always onto the hottest trend; while Isabel is classic elegance, with beautiful, timeless jewellery pieces.

What is Chloë and Isabel?

Chloë and Isabel provide budding entrepreneurs – called C&I Merchandisers – with a direct selling opportunity to market their jewellery range.

While Chloë and Isabel make use of traditional direct selling techniques, like the hosting of parties called Trunk Shows, this direct selling company has made over the business idea for the digital age – C&I Merchandisers have access to a digital workplace where they connect, communicate and create using the most comprehensive social selling and marketing tools

In addition to the traditional direct sales starter kit, consisting of jewellery collection and marketing collateral, C&I Merchandisers also get a personalised e-boutique where they can curate their own personal collections of C&I jewellery, a virtual office with all the tools they need to develop their business and social media resources for engaging social networks to boost sales.

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Chloe and Isabel Fashion Business Idea
Image courtesy of Chloe and Isabel