Bookworms know it’s hard to find independent booksellers providing book lovers with alternative book choices and personalised service anymore. That quaint little ol’ bookshop on the corner has been hounded out of business by the big bookstore chains. But avid readers can find Just the Right Book…if they know where to look!

What is Just the Right Book?

R.J. Julia Booksellers is a bricks and mortar independent bookstore – based in Madison, Connecticut, USA – which is turning a new page with a winning online business idea. They’re taking the fight to the bookstore chains, with their online bookstore, Just the Right Book.

But while most online bookstores provide bestselling books at discounted prices, Just the Right Book focuses on the reader, not the price, providing them with a personalised book selection service, based on reading profiles uploaded to the Just the Right Book website. Reading profiles are based on responses to Just the Right Book’s reading quizzes, and can be updated at any time, simply by logging onto the user’s profile. Book titles – from baby books, children’s and teen’s books to adult fiction and non-fiction – are sourced from indie publishers, micro-presses, as well as the big publishing houses, giving readers access to a wide reading choice.

Once an eager reader has registered, uploaded a profile and purchased a subscription – book subscriptions are monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly – there’s nothing more to do but sit back and wait for the books to arrive. Each book is a beautiful surprise; selected by a book expert to match your personal taste and shipped gift wrapped, with a branded bookmark and a handwritten greeting. What better gift to spoil a loved one – or yourself?

Bad news for South Africans who love to buy books online, though…Just the Right Books services just the US market.

For more inspiration…

Just the Right Book may be a one-of-a-kind business idea, but these three South African book businesses are pretty novel, too…

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  • BOOKSLive – the internet newspaper for SA books.
Just the Right Book
Image courtesy of Just the Right Book