Holiday season is in full swing, with parties aplenty and, while parties are a blast, who feels like cleaning up the mess the morning after, particularly when nursing a sore head? Marc Simons and Alex Vere-Nicholl are two young entrepreneurs who are keen to get stuck in to your mess. Transforming a chore no one else wants to do into a viable business idea, Simons and Vere-Nicholls call themselves the Hangover Helpers.

What is Hangover Helpers?

Hangover Helpers is a Colorado-based party clean-up service. For $15, Hangover Helpers will swing by your place in the morning and clean up the aftermath of your house party. Hangover Helpers combines one business idea – a hangover recovery service – with another, a cleaning business. Simons and Vere-Nicholl not only scrub and tidy, but also tend to fragile party animals, providing them with an energy drink and delicious, home-cooked burrito breakfast.

How Does Hangover Helpers Work?

Simply call Hangover Helpers, or book them online, the day before your party. They’ll take care of the rest…

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Hangover Helpers Post-Party Cleanup
Image courtesy of Hangover Helpers