3.1 Owner/member profiles

Owner’s name:
Dan White

ID number:
61 0324 5013 091

4 Beach View Lofts, Main Street, Knysna

Cell number:
088 801 8171

Diploma in Culinary Science, Le Cordon Bleu School London (1978). Associate Diploma in Restaurant Management, University of Southern Cape (2007)

Practical experience:
Thirty years as Chef in 5-star hotels in UK and Europe. Was Executive Chef at the Park Lane Hotel in London before leaving to enter the restaurant business. Owned ‘Le Petite Maison’ restaurant in Cape Town for five years (2005 – 2010)

Personal abilities:
Understanding of the food and restaurant business. Experienced in dealing with an upmarket clientele. Experienced in managing a large staff complement


4.1  Strengths

  • Knysna and the Garden Route region are popular holiday destinations and heavily promoted by local, regional and national tourism authorities
  • The permanent population is increasing, which provides an ongoing source of business outside peak holiday periods
  • New upmarket resorts, golf courses and residential developments are attracting visitors/residents with higher disposable incomes
  • Knysna Waterfront is a well established and popular venue for visitors, tour groups and locals

4.2 Weaknesses

  • Although ‘visitor troughs’ are being slowly ironed out, business remains seasonal, with a massive peak in December/January and significant troughs in June and August/September
  • Buying of the average local resident (except wealthy retirees) remains low by comparison with residents of major metropolitan areas
  • Knysna Waterfront location (close to the water) can be unpleasant when weather conditions are poor

 4.3 Opportunities

  • Area lacks restaurants focussing on a more mature and affluent clientele
  • Area lacks restaurants which place an emphasis on quality/innovative food
  • Area lacks restaurants with ‘personality’ (preponderance of chain/franchise outlets offering the same unimaginative food, décor and ambience that you will find anywhere else in SA)

4.4 Threats

  • Ongoing global economic turmoil reduces the number of  international tourists visiting ‘long haul’ destinations like South Africa
  • Low interest rates are reducing the spending power of retirees (both local residents and visitors)
  • New restaurant entrants may target the same mature/affluent client base
  • Garden Route suffers from frequent flood/drought cycles which impact visitor numbers