Despite the global recession, chocolate sales continue to soar, reports Time Magazine. And why not? Nothing lifts flagging spirits more than a bar of chocolate. The power of chocolate to melt away economic woes is well known to New York confectionary company, Chocolography. Check out their sweet business ideapersonalised chocolate.

What is Chocolography?

Chocolography combines old world charm, a love of chocolate and technology to create personalised chocolate, for personal and corporate gifts. Chocolography is a brand name of the Chocolate Printing Company, Inc. (CPC). CPC created, patented and developed the Chocolography™ Food Imaging System, which allows high-resolution, full colour pictures, images and text to be printed directly onto the surface of chocolate. CPC stresses that chocolate’s connectedness to celebrations, like Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day makes chocolate a recession-proof business. An indulgent luxury, chocolate is nevertheless still affordable.

The success of the Chocolography system lies in its flexibility – Chocolography technology can produce a one-off product or fulfil an order of thousands. From just one store in New York, chocoholics can now indulge their love for personalised chocolate at any of the Chocolography franchises found throughout North America. And the franchise system continues to expand, showing that personalised chocolate is a business idea you can really get your teeth into.

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