Sometimes, a business idea comes along which bucks the trend. Jam sales may be plummeting, according to UK trade journal, The Grocer, but a young British entrepreneur is making pots of money from his sticky treats, proving that no one can really resist a sweet deal…

What is Super Jam?

Super Jam is a range of 100% all-natural fruit jams, available in three delicious super fruit flavours – Blueberry and Blackcurrant; Raspberry and Cranberry; and Strawberry.

Working from home, entrepreneur Fraser Doherty started Super Jam at the tender age of 15. At first, Doherty sold his jam to neighbours and friends, then at local farmers markets and delicatessens. Soon, he was producing 1000 jars a week in his parent’s kitchen. Then, he landed a super-contract – supplying supermarket chain Waitrose with 120 000 jars. Next came contracts with rival supermarket groups Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Morrison’s and Tescos.

Having produced in excess of one million jars of jam, Super Jam has moved out of the family kitchen and into a factory in Doherty’s home town of Edinburgh, Scotland. Shortly, Super Jam will go global, with an imminent North American launch. And the Super Jam range was recently expanded to include merchandise such as cookbooks, aprons and totes.

This food and beverage entrepreneur – who calls himself the Jam Boy –recently made Inc Magazine’s 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 list. Aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to start a work from home business can learn a thing or two from Doherty by reading his book, Super Business: How I Started Super Jam from my Gran’s Kitchen (Capstone Publishers).

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