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Green Taxi Cabs

First, there was eco-tourism. Now, carbon-neutral tourism offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to make money from going green. Says the New York Times, an increasing number of tourists are concerned with offsetting the carbon costs of their... Read More >

Money for Jam

Sometimes, a business idea comes along which bucks the trend. Jam sales may be plummeting, according to UK trade journal, The Grocer, but a young British entrepreneur is making pots of money from his sticky treats, proving that no one can really... Read More >

Healthy Snacks for Hungry Office Workers

According to a recent CBS report, almost half of office workers report weight gain since starting a desk job. It seems office workers have neither the time, nor the inclination to pack healthy lunches for work. Enter – The Phat Pasty Company... Read More >

Wooting for a Bargain

Internet discount websites are mushrooming, exploiting the business opportunities presented by online shoppers eager to bag themselves a bargain. One such discount site is Woot, a US-based internet retailer. How does Woot work? As their tagline, One... Read More >

Feeding Starving Students on a Budget

On the hunt for business ideas in the food and beverage industries? Perhaps you should consider starting a food delivery service for students… Some facts about students: They’re always hungry They’re always on a budget They’re always online.... Read More >

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