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A Business Idea Which Won’t Burst Your Bubble

If you’re an entrepreneur launching a startup, then you know just too well how stretched finances are in the very beginning – yes, you know that you need to invest in marketing promotions and branding but, alas, you don’t have the cash to do... Read More >

The Future of Fitness?

Feeling too lazy to go to gym? Not to worry – it’s a common problem amongst those who hold gym memberships. What if there was an easier way to get fit? British entrepreneur Richard Davis may just have found the answer with this business idea –... Read More >

Keeping it Tidy

Those of us who use earphones with our iPods and smartphones know just too well how easily earphone cables work themselves into annoying tangles or disappear deep inside laptop bags or gym bags, never to be found again…or at least until the entire... Read More >

A Clever or Creepy Business Idea?

Says American news channel, CBS News, the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was worth some $6 billion. As a pioneer of the digital age, Jobs no doubt had extensive digital assets – including websites, bank accounts, online investments, blogs, iTunes and... Read More >

Spoonfeeding City Dwellers

Want to find out what’s happening in your city today, tomorrow or next week? Traditionally, city guides have catered to tourists and travellers, ignoring the wants and needs of local city inhabitants. Now, Londoners are being Spoonfed everything... Read More >

Diamonds are an Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Every gal wants to be a starlet strutting the red carpet, right? Well, at least on her wedding day, she does. Brides-to-be everywhere are just itching to get their hands on sparkling diamond bracelets, stunning pearl chokers or shining sapphire... Read More >

A Novel Business Idea

Bookworms know it’s hard to find independent booksellers providing book lovers with alternative book choices and personalised service anymore. That quaint little ol’ bookshop on the corner has been hounded out of business by the big bookstore... Read More >

A Business Idea that’s Cleaning Up

The US Department of Labor estimates that building cleaning in America is a $46 billion industry. With service providers a dime a dozen, a cleaning company has to do something extraordinary to grab a slice of the pie. Hats off to the Men in Kilts... Read More >

Online Number Crunchers

Startups and established small businesses alike need accounting officers and bookkeepers to develop and maintain their accounting procedures, manage their accounts and keep proper accounting records, both to comply with relevant legislation and to... Read More >

The Flash on Fashion

Says the Wall Street Journal, the global financial crisis is wreaking havoc on high-end fashion brands. With less disposable income in their pockets, consumers are not only spending less on fashion, but are also spending more time searching out... Read More >

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