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Holiday Hangover Help at Hand

Holiday season is in full swing, with parties aplenty and, while parties are a blast, who feels like cleaning up the mess the morning after, particularly when nursing a sore head? Marc Simons and Alex Vere-Nicholl are two young entrepreneurs who are... Read More >

Pretty Useful Business Idea

A beautifully wrapped gift is a joy to receive – and to give – but wrapping presents can be a real bind, particularly during the festive season, when time is at a premium. Of course, there’s a business idea to be found in others’... Read More >

Virtual Farmers Market

While supermarkets are convenient and cater for our every need, there’s a growing concern that we don’t know where our food actually comes from. The backlash against the mass production and distribution of food means that business opportunities... Read More >

This Business Idea Works a Treat!

Christmas is a time for giving; and for cashing in. And while you’re counting the profits of a great business idea, don’t forget to factor in birthdays, weddings and new babies. We just love to give gifts we can eat on these special occasions... Read More >

Will This Business Idea Take Off?

It’s reported that 18 million passengers pass through South Africa’s airports each year. While it’s a huge number, air travel remains the preserve of the (relatively) wealthy passenger. Many millions of South Africans, part of the migratory... Read More >

Why Buy, When You Can Rent?

It’s that time of year again…office parties, Christmas parties and other holiday festivities. Women the world over will be lamenting the fact that they have nothing to wear! But what if they could have access to a dream closet – a new dress... Read More >

Eating Their Profits!

Despite the global recession, chocolate sales continue to soar, reports Time Magazine. And why not? Nothing lifts flagging spirits more than a bar of chocolate. The power of chocolate to melt away economic woes is well known to New York... Read More >

A Gem of a Business Idea

If you’ve just launched a start-up, chances are you’re watching every single penny, and wondering how on earth you’re going to get everything done, on your meagre budget. Entrepreneurs Joanna Ward and Sue Harrison have been there…and have... Read More >

Making Money from Unemployment

As the world shuffles towards a double-dip recession, the job market continues to nosedive. But Greeting Card manufacturers, Hallmark, are proving that creative business ideas can still be found in the midst of an ailing global economy, with the... Read More >

Custom-blended Hair Colour

A report in the New York Times notes that the recession has upped sales of DIY hair colour, as women cut back on salon spending. But results from off-the-shelf box colour never quite match up to a professional salon dye job, so what’s a girl to... Read More >

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