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Effective Advertising Techniques for Small Business

Your small business may not have the cash to commission an award-winning ad agency to develop an advertising campaign, but that doesn’t mean you can’t roll out creative adverts which will produce effective results. First, know your target market... Read More >

Eleven Time Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

Essential skills for making the best use of your most valuable resource What is time management? Quite simply, it’s finding the most effective way to use the finite resource of time to maximise your impact on the business. As an entrepreneur... Read More >

11 Employee Incentive Ideas

Says benefits consulting practice Twenty Twenty, employee incentives form an important part of overall employee satisfaction. So, incentivising employees is smart. Here’s why: Employee incentives attract, and help retain, quality staff Reduced... Read More >

South Africa’s Top Five Most Valuable Brands

The news that massive multinational brand Walmart is poised to enter the South African marketplace is big news. Other global brands with a South African presence – like Coca Cola and KFC – have had to adopt a local flavour to be successful here.... Read More >

How to Get a Business Credit Card

Wondering how to go about getting a business credit card? Business Owl shows you how in six easy steps… Hang on…Why will I need a business credit card? Managed correctly, a business credit card can be a useful way to: Keep personal expenses... Read More >

How to Write a Killer Press Release

Did you know that one of the best ways to promote your business, and inform people about your products and services, is through media coverage? While impressing an editor and securing column inches in the paper, or a mention on the radio, is... Read More >

Tight Budget? Try these 9 Free and Effective Marketing Ideas

Creating awareness of your product or service – that is, marketing your business– is your first step towards business success. And with competition fierce and consumer spending down, an effective marketing strategy is crucial to your... Read More >

How to Negotiate: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn the key skills that make negotiating easy Negotiations are a part of everyday business life, yet many people approach them with fear and apprehension – which can ultimately lead to a poor deal that’s bad for you and your company. Here are... Read More >

How to Open a Business Bank Account

Setting up business banking needn’t be high admin. Just follow these seven easy steps and you’ll have a business bank account in no time… Step One: Choose a Bank People tend to stick with what they know, but the bank you use for your personal... Read More >

Seven Branding Tips for your Small Business

Everything an organization does or doesn’t do, says or doesn’t say, takes note of or ignores, becomes part of its brand. And while companies go to great lengths to develop a positive brand image, it’s also possible to have a neutral brand... Read More >

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