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Seven Essential Leadership Skills to Run a Successful Business

Develop the business leadership skills that will make your company great No team of people, whether they number three or 3 000, can achieve ongoing excellence without proper leadership. As the owner of the business, it’s up to you to ensure you... Read More >

Five Warning Signs when Recruiting and Interviewing Staff

How to interview potential employees and get the real answers Although a prime concern for managers and HR professionals is assessing the positive contribution that a potential employee can make, it’s also important to watch out for telltale signs... Read More >

How to Create a Highly Successful Sales Force

Build a winning sales team that’s the envy of the industry Top sales teams don’t just ‘happen’, they’re the result of careful planning, training and motivation on the part of management. Use these strategies to build a highly successful... Read More >

How to Run a Successful In-Store Promotion

Use store promotions to boost your retail sales With such a high percentage of in-store purchases being unplanned and impulsive (up to 60% according to one U.S. study) it makes sense for retailers and brand marketers to try to influence consumers at... Read More >

7 Common Marketing Mistakes

Mangled messages – Avoid these promotional pitfalls There are very few products or services which can claim to be so unique, exciting or in demand that they ‘sell’ themselves. So, for businesses of any size, having a good marketing... Read More >

Types of Business Tax Deductions in South Africa

When you start your own business, you are the architect of how it will be structured and how it will operate. One of your key concerns when deciding on the structure of your business, are tax issues and implications. Different business structures... Read More >

How to Secure a Business Loan – Your Quick Guide to Business Finance

One of the biggest hurdles facing aspirant entrepreneurs in South Africa is raising working capital to start a small business. You may have the best product or service on the block, the best talent around and a wide-open gap in the marketplace, but... Read More >

World’s Top Ten Most Valuable Brands

It’s estimated that some 10 000 new brands are created daily. For a brand to endure and maintain brand equity is hard work – just ask General Electric and Toyota. American brand General Electric, who manufactured the nuclear reactor at... Read More >

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