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How to Generate Free Publicity for your Business

Do you need to promote your business, but don’t have the marketing communications budget to sustain an advertising campaign? Generating publicity – or public exposure – in the media is a highly effective way of getting more people acquainted... Read More >

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is one of the most-well used marketing techniques for small businesses. But what is direct mail, exactly? Direct Mail is any communication sent directly to a consumer or potential consumer with the intention of selling them a product or... Read More >

How to Protect your Computers Against Viruses and Malware

The term malware is short for malicious software and refers to computer programs, macros or scripts which are designed to infect as many computers as possible and which lie in wait for the unwary computer user. The First Viruses Falling into the... Read More >

An Overview of 5 Top Anti-Virus Software Programs

In the article “How to protect your computers against viruses and malware” I discussed the threat to computer users of malicious software designed to inconvenience them, obtain their sensitive information by trickery, extort money from them... Read More >

Top Five Advertising Platforms in South Africa

As a business owner, you already know that advertising is one factor of the equation necessary to growing your revenue and client base. But do you know which five advertising platforms are likely to give you the best return-on-investment for your... Read More >

7 Foolproof Sales Tips

Sales Tips and Techniques to Boost your Career When economic times are hard, only the best salespeople survive and thrive. Use these sales tips to give yourself an advantage. 1.) Be Polite and Likeable Don’t think the best salespeople are loud,... Read More >

101 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Small businesses or companies on a tight budget cannot afford to pour money into huge advertising campaigns for television and radio, but they are still trying to win their share of the market with methods that do not demand a bulging bank account... Read More >

Types of Business Insurance

How to simplify the complex issue of insurance for small business. Insurance is a grudge purchase – no company really wants to spend money on it because it’s based on a fear of something you hope will never happen. But there’s no escaping the... Read More >

Broadband Options Explained

Connecting to the Internet is a mine field of confusing terms and acronyms which makes the whole process more confusing than it needs to be. The following explanations will hopefully help make some sense out of that. Bandwidth In the context of... Read More >

7 Secrets to Successful Project Management

Key strategies to keep your project on track Project management is a highly complex discipline that requires a cool head, enormous attention to detail and the ability to multi-task. Use these project management skills to keep things running smoothly... Read More >

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